We offer solar solutions for: - full power sound systems - mobile recording-studios - cinemas, livestream-studios, VJ-shows - individual professional studios - nearly every gimmick you want - combined with great innovative ideas, exceptionally - a high quality standard - competent consulting and introduction to the technology - incomparable sound experience - sophisticated, thanks to years of development experience - creative spontaneous realization of compositions in any place - ecological image with style for competitionless favorable prices The spectrum of our customers is very varied and includes the entire music industry from musicians and composers to the festival and cinema organizers, communication industry, press, camping, expeditions and alternative self suppliers. Solar-powered devices are independent of existing power supplies and offering maximum flexibility, environmental sustainability and contemporary appearance to their users.
 [Gaggeldub] [GaggeldubTV] [Contact] [Home] Solar Sound Solutions presents solar generators, sound- and video-systems that are operated completely by solar energy. PA, recording, TV and cinema systems are implemented in different solar designs, as required in cooperation with partners all over the world. Speakers designed and produced by Grüner Bereich